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Mladen Ozimec vlasnik Salona bankarske opreme

The secret of our success is primarily in the quality of products at competitive prices and excellent service support, because this way we improve our customer confidence, and on the confidence we built it all.

Dear Mr Ozimec, your company Salon of banking equipment - Ozimec Ltd. has been operating for 25 years as one of the leading companies in the sphere of protection in the region. What is the secret of so solid position that your company in this industry held over two decades?

In the late 90's the company has already dealt with the domestic market and has been trained to sell and maintain banking equipment, in which we have become strong enough to make the regional breakthrough. We followed the needs of our major clients, and we soon expanded the territory of the Federation, the territory of the Republic of Serbian and Serbia. By forming such a network we have come to the position that for each of our clients with whom we have signed a contract, we can guarantee quality support and rapid response.

What does that mean? In fact, it's awfully important in our industry to have a sufficient number of trained personnel, an extensive network of centers, which enables customers to always work with the same company, which can meet the requirements of each of our clients, regardless of the number of branches or where it is located. When you have the sale and maintenance and service in the same company, then the service is complete. This is what has allowed us today's position in the market and the competition. There is a big difference if something we can deliver within five days or when it takes months. The secret of our success, therefore, is primarily located in the quality of products at competitive prices, and excellent service support, as so to improve our customer confidence, and that confidence builts it all.

Warehouse with certified equipment and spare parts guarantees our customers quality and fast service, whether it is about Croatia, Bosnia or Serbia. In addition, I note that the SBO is not only a sales agent and distributor, we already have our own production, which we specifically pointed out in the industry, as well as in leading companies in the region.

What product lines do you have, which carry your brand?

Salon bankarske opreme (Banking equipment Salon) represents a series of well-known manufacturers in the world of banking equipment and safety equipment. With the introduction of the British spinnaker, the most trusted security solution for transporting money in Croatia, the number of armed raids on security companies is reduced to a minimum. Among the well-known manufacturers and our exclusive partners, I point out the Swiss KABA, the premium brand for high-security locks and locking systems, Japanese Laurel, a company that manufactures devices for counting banknotes, Slovak Koval, who is known for treasury cashiers with time delay opening and of course Dutch LincSafe, '' smart safes '' of last generation.

As for our brand is concerned, it is a device for electrochemical protection money in transportation SBO 104. It is a standalone device that can be inserted into any bag. Also we have developed the CTC-204, a device that provides additional electrochemical protection values ​​within the vaults, safes and cash registers. Smoke cartridge therein activates the safe separation of the substrate. We also impenetrable barrier of their own production, the level of impenetrability to FB6, security-impenetrable door FB2 / WK4, as our own interlocking systems.

The reason why we decided on our own production is our contact with our major customers, or directly listening to their needs, and based on the employees of the Salon that continuously, for many years improved and build on their knowledge through various conferences and training abroad, it was logical to use our own human potential and create our own products created exactly according to the needs of end customers. Today, is not enough to be just a reseller, distributor, without innovation and quality of the human frame, you can not survive in this demanding industry.

Until a few years ago you opened a modern showroom in the industry at a whopping 400 square meters, making it the largest such area in Croatia and beyond.

The company SBO finally gathered all in one place - government, service, workshop, warehouse, showroom, car fleet and all other segments of the company. It is a new office building size of 2,500 square meters, which is located in the area that we are excellent transport links to all parts of the country. As you mentioned, within the business complex, situated in the showroom of approximately 400 square meters in which we installed the most modern banking and security equipment, is the interactive space as we want better presentation of the equipment and devices in the so-called. real-life situations. The space is also used for educational purposes, which means it is multifunctional and extremely liked by all of our visitors and customers.

In the world of mechanical protection certification is extremely important, especially by European standards, and within the European Union. What are your products on this point?

Company Salon banarske opreme - SBO - for many years was the only company that is not a manufacturer, and was a member of ESSA-e, the International Association of the security industry, and until recently the only member from this area. ESSA supports the ECB-S certification, and we are talking about an independent European certification body that certifies products in the security industry related to the standard ISO / IED 17,065th certification which assures customers that have bought a safe and quality product. Please note that we are in their business implement European standards and norms before the Croatian accession to the EU, primarily to the quality of their own business and for the safety and satisfaction of our customers. There was no need to wait for entry Croatian themselves and EU.

What means of goods which are sold at much lower prices to your company, and is output from the Far East and China, which is sometimes truly questionable quality.

The goods which are mentioned in the beginning to some of them seem was like the cheapest option, but often proves extremely wrong and ultimately more expensive, but it has nothing to do with the country of origin. China products and high quality products such as the company of Ribao, of which we are the exclusive representative in Croatia. It is known that in China we can get very cheap and poor quality goods, as well as high-quality, sophisticated edge. It all depends on how much you're willing to pay, and what kind of goods you want to offer your customers. What we emphasize to our customers is a necessity for preventive maintenance as the optimal solution for the prevention of failures. Products that often spoil and requires numerous services, aditionally causes further complications and working while not in operation represents excessive and unnecessary expense.

A year has passed since the the new Law of financial institutions entry into force. How the SBO adapt to the new law?

Company Salon bankarske opreme, as you might notice in the case adapted to European regulations even before the Croatian accession to the EU, the new law was tipped. As well as our own operations adapt the new law, for  taxpayers, we organized a workshop in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the company Alarm automation to make them better acquainted with the new law, and clarify any possible ambiguities. Over the past year we have tried to educate as many taxpayers, and I think that we did a good job. SBO offers a safe deposit boxes, vaults, safes with time delay opening, high security locks, balistic protection ... with the necessary certificates, for which we as the company insisted, and we have always endeavored to give the customer a certificate of quality for all our products, regardless of the actual legal regulations.

Since your company is constantly working on professional development of your employees, invest in the development of new knowledge, develop their own solutions and products, which means that they often send to various summits, conferences and training abroad, do you think that in the near future we can expect and that we in this area will have a high-quality regional and even European events?

 I think that there is a need for a regional event in the field of security in the region especially when we know that we have the knowledge and space ourselves to organize events of this type, and that we can attract the entire region, but also to organize prominent events highlighted in Europe, which would significantly contribute to strengthening our position and reputation at the world's security industry.

In the end, what can we expect from the Salon of banking equipment in the future? In which direction you proceed, are you planning further expansion in the form of an increase in your own portfolio, changes in business strategy, new markets and partnerships?

Company Salon banking equipment is pleased with their position in the market, both in Croatia and in the region, and the expansion of SBO's goes even to Libya and Syria. I want to emphasize that our company always aspired expansion, the expansion of the portfolio, markets and new partnerships, but all that we have worked is that we listened to the needs and desires of our clients who are the main driver of our business. In this respect, of course you can expect new products of SBO, ​​new partnerships will be as usual concluded depending on the needs of the current market in which we operate, and every new market for us is a new success and of course, a new challenge with, we believe that again, we show strength of Salon bankarske opreme - Ozimec company, that in these areas already reached the scale of the brand.


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